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JPG maybe the most widely used image format, but we do not limit users just here. Besides JPG/JPEG, this tool supports conversion of PNG, BMP, GIF, and TIFF images.

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Free Online Conversion of JPG to PDF files is as easy as ABC

The world of photography is shifting and changing fast. Today’s photographer has more options for capturing images than ever before. Gone are the days of conventional photography where images were developed and stabilized with the help of chemical and light sensitive chemical papers. With the help of a digital camera, the photographer is able to take images with the help of lens which has light-sensitive sensors. The images captured by the digital camera are stored in a digital file either on a laptop, desktop computer or smartphone.

Digital photography depends totally on computer technology. For color correction, resizing and cropping the images different softwares applications are used by photographers to edit the image. The most popular format for storing pictures on digital files is JPG. This is the safest form for storing your pictures. You can easily view your pictures after storing them with almost every photo editing software available in this format. You can easily download and upload pictures in this format from the internet.

However, JPG format comes with some disadvantages. The image loses its originality with JPG format. The screen resolution of the image is JPG format is different from the print resolution. What you see on the screen is not what you see on the paper when you get your image printed. Every time you open, edit, and save the JPG image, the image loses its actual quality and you are not able to have the best possible quality of your image. If you don’t want your images to lose quality, there is an alternative for you, you can easily change JPG to PDF file. When you convert the image from JPG to PDF you will be able to maintain the best resolution of your image. You will also be able to have the best print of your image when you change JPG to PDF format.

There are different photo editing soft wares available for you to convert the image from JPG to PDF format. However, you will have to first download the software on your computer which can be a hassle for you. allows you to convert JPG to PDF online free without downloading anything on your computer. You can easily change multiple JPG to PDF files with the help of this facility to convert JPG to PDF online free

Downloading a software for file conversion is time consuming and a bit complicated. Photo editing softwares are not easy to use. You have to have a proper knowledge about how to use them. Instead of wasting your time to convert JPG to PDF free images by downloading the software.

With JPG to PDF free image conversion, you are able to restrict your images. Nobody will be able to make any changes to the image. You will be able to restrict your image with a password if you want to. To save your images from being misused on the internet it is better for you to convert JPG to PDF online free. Simply visit and convert multiple JPG to PDF files and drop your image on the box or choose your file. Your important documents and images are deleted from the server after 1 hour. If you want to delete the files immediately the site gives you that option as well. Converting files was never as easy as it is on

About JPG to PDF Tool is an online free tool where users can convert their images including PNG and JPG in to PDF file. There are currently no restrictions regarding amount of files you can convert.

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